Zero Waste is not a short-lived hype. It’s a long-term solution to our growing waste problem. It’s a way of life and at the same time, it’s a way of doing business, in a responsible manner.

We are confident that Zero Waste is possible.

Zero Waste Canada is the national affiliate of the Zero Waste International Alliance. As such, we are the only Canadian organization that is authorized to certify Zero Waste businesses.

Zero Waste means creating a circular economy one item and one business at a time. It means creating a community of individuals striving for a better future for our planet and generations to come.

And you can help us create this circular economy.

1. Use the hashtag "ZeroWasteIsPossible"

With our #ZeroWasteIsPossible campaign, we are sharing ideas for upcycling and reuse in creative, yet simple ways. We believe that a circular economy is possible. We believe that Zero Waste is possible.

Join us by using the hashtag #ZeroWasteIsPossible to highlight your Zero Waste lifestyle by showing Zero Waste solutions that you have found in your daily life.

2. Download our "Zero Waste for Your Home" Guide

Grab your free copy of our guide here.

3. Take Action

Every one of us needs to take action. Together, we can create change. Leaving the responsibility of waste management to government and/or others means that you’re part of the problem. You need to be part of the solution. Every one of us! So, be the change.