Enzo Favoino


Enzo Favoino is the Scientific Coordinator of Zero Waste Europe and Member of the Board of ZWIA; he chairs the Scientific Committee of Zero Waste Italy. He is also coordinating the Zero Waste Research Centre in Capannori, first ZW Municipality in Italy and Europe, and a reference centre for other ZW Communities across Europe.  He’s employed at Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, a not-for-profit Research Centre based in Northern Italy. He and his team are involved in various Countries in scientific and technical issues related to optimization of schemes for separate collection, definition and implementation of Zero Waste programmes, design and process management in composting and anaerobic digestion, pay-as-you-throw schemes, and programmes for waste prevention. Enzo is often involved as an expert in surveys and research programmes about sustainable management of resources and discards promoted by the EU and various National Governments, and in definition of related policy, strategies, and regulatory framework.  He has greatly contributed to the development of separate collection, recycling and composting in Italy, Spain, UK and other EU Countries. First technical Director of the Italian Composting Association (CIC) and former member of the Scientific Committee of ANPA (Italian EPA), he was co-founder of ECN – European Compost Network, and Chaired from 2004 through 2013 the WG on Biological Treatment at ISWA.