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Zero Waste Canada Training Programs

ZWC offers a wide array of Zero Waste Educational Programs that guide businesses and individuals towards a lower environmental impact and help individuals start their careers in the Zero Waste world. HSR Zero Waste, a Zero Waste consulting company, was contracted under an exclusive agreement by Zero Waste Canada to develop, manage, and promote Zero Waste Canada’s education and training programs.

The ZWC programs are designed to provide a solid foundation of Zero Waste practices, policies, values, and concepts. They aim to help the general public, municipalities, waste professionals and community leaders gain experience about the Zero Waste practices and how to implement these locally to achieve their Zero Waste goals.

With access to a global network of Zero Waste and resource management professionals, Zero Waste Canada represents the premier local driver of Zero Waste practices, policies, and expertise within the community, offering a wide array of Zero Waste Services that guide business and individuals towards a lower environmental impact and the circular/sharing economy.

Intro to Zero Waste Free Webinar

Free Intro to Zero Waste

Zero Waste starts with you The “Introduction to Zero Waste” info session intends to promote and introduce Zero Waste best practices within the general public answering questions like: WHAT Zero Waste is, WHY Zero Waste is important, WHY go to Zero Waste NOW, and HOW you can make a change! Begin your Zero Waste journey today!

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Step: 1: Zero Waste Fundamentals Program

The ZWF program is designed for those who are looking for more information on Zero Waste and how to take it to the next level. It aims to provide individuals with a solid
foundation of Zero Waste practices, policies, values, and concepts.

After completion, you will be able to actively identify, support and advocate for Zero Waste. The ZWF program is the first step towards your Zero Waste journey and a great way to start building your career within the Zero Waste world.

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Step 2: Zero Waste Associate Program

The Zero Waste Associate program provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of peer-reviewed and internationally accepted Zero Waste practices and policies.

It is open to all individuals looking to take their Zero Waste knowledge to the next level, and learn how to advocate for, as well as implement internationally accepted Zero Waste policies and practices within decision-making situations. More specifically, this program will review how to incorporate Zero Waste policies and practices at the facility level.